Douro Valley historical facts. 2000 years of wine making!

A very informative page with lots of facts about the Douro’s history. 2000 years of wine making is simply incredible. Whilst its widely discussed that it was the Romans introduced vines – some experts believe it was in-fact the Phoenicians. That takes the date back even further!

Douro Region The Douro Region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.The Alto Douro Wine Region was inscribed on the World Heritage List, taking into account the following criteria:The Alto Douro region has been producing wine for almost two thousand years and its landscape was shaped by human activities.The components of the Alto Douro landscape are representative of the full range of activities associated with winemaking – land, estates (winemaking agricultural complexes), villages, chapels and roads.The Alto Douro cultural landscape is an outstanding example of a traditional European wine producing region, reflecting the evolution of this human activity over time.

Source: Niepoort

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