Exploring the Douro Valley

As ever Julie Dawn Fox gives a wonderful insight on travelling through the Douro Valley. As a seasoned writer and Portugal expat, her perspective is always engaging. Check out the post on her blog below.

Portugal’s World Heritage site, the Douro valley is well worth exploring. These tips will help you understand your options for travelling around it.

Source: How and when to explore the Douro valley | Julie Dawn Fox in Portugal

Douro Valley river cruise to the heart of Portugal

As ever – the news papers have some of the best content on the web. Primarily because they’re not selling anything, you can enjoy reading well written articles from first hand experience of the best travel writers. The below post on the Telegraph (UK) is excellent and provides some useful tips …. worth a read before you start booking anything!

A Cruising along the Duoro, Portugal’s once-wild river, left an indelible impression on Gabriella Le Breton

Source: Douro river cruise: to the heart of Portugal – Telegraph

A guide to the Best Wine Hotels in the Douro Valley

From Wine Tourism Portugal. This cracking guide gives comprehensive information and photos of the best places to stay. Bet the author enjoyed doing this article! What a lovely job to have ….

Discover the best wine hotels in Douro by the perspective of Nelson Carvalheiro. An insider’s guide to the best wine estates in Douro.

Source: Best Wine Hotels in the Douro Valley

Portugal’s valley of the kings | Life and style | The Guardian

As ever, the Guardian Newspaper writes some of the best travel articles out there! This one is well worth a read if you’re researching the Douro Valley for a trip.

The Douro valley in Portugal is stunning: vertiginous granite slopes, each one divided into rows of narrow terraces topped by vines and supported by dry-stone walls, sweep up from the wide Douro river as it meanders west towards Porto. It’s been described as the most beautiful wine region in the world.

Source: Portugal’s valley of the kings | Life and style | The Guardian

Guide to where to stay in the Douro valley 

Who could argue with anything that Condé Nast do with regards to travel information. Always comprehensive, always useful, always well written. This guide is well worth a read if you’re planning a trip to the Douro Valley.

Read Condé Nast Traveller’s guide to the best places to see in Douro valley

Source: CNTraveller.com’s guide to where to stay in Douro valley (Condé Nast Traveller)

Visit The Roman Site In Conimbriga, Portugal 

It might not be Douro, but hey! I love archeology – especially the ancient sites in Portugal. A great post about Conimbriga.

Source: Why Archaeology Lovers Should Visit The Roman Site In Conimbriga, Portugal | The Travel Tester