1985 Vintage Port 

If you like Port – you’ll like this …..

Taylor’s 1985 Vintage Port is an intense ruby colour, now just beginning to open out. Read more about the 1985 vintage.

Source: 1985 Vintage Port – Taylor’s

You can even grab a bottle here if you’ve got £80 spare. I’d say its a bargain personally!





Douro Valley, Portugal Wine Travel Guide 

Many thanks to WineMag.com for this post. Think of oPorto, think of the Douro Valley and Port and wine would feature high up you list. After all, the Demarcated zone is made up of many ancient vineyards.

Read the following post to find out where to go, what to see, and what to drink!

The Douro Valley in Northern Portugal’s claim as the most beautiful wine region in the world is supported by the grandeur of its landscape and wines.

Source: Douro Valley, Portugal Wine Travel Guide – Dining Tips & More

What is Port Wine? – Taylor’s

From a historical name in Port wine – Taylor’s. Their site is packed full of information not just about Port, but also the Douro and its history.

The site is a really good read. I enjoyed reading it with a glass of Port one evening anyway ….

What is Port wine? Port is a sweet fortified wine from the Douro region of Portugal. Read more about Port wine.

Source: What is Port Wine? – Taylor’s