Visiting the best northern city in Portugal – Porto.

This is an excellent and comprehensive article about visiting Porto. 

When the rain lashes in off the Atlantic to a soundtrack of gulls cawing, Porto’s betrayal of its Latin latitude feels at its strongest. There’s a sense of misplaced northern Europe about Portugal’s second-largest city, particularly in the winter months when the ocean roars in with crashing swells.

Source: Porto: Fine wine and understated charm in Portugal’s Latin city with northern soul | Europe | Travel | The Independent

1985 Vintage Port 

If you like Port – you’ll like this …..

Taylor’s 1985 Vintage Port is an intense ruby colour, now just beginning to open out. Read more about the 1985 vintage.

Source: 1985 Vintage Port – Taylor’s

You can even grab a bottle here if you’ve got £80 spare. I’d say its a bargain personally!




Guide to where to stay in the Douro valley 

Who could argue with anything that Condé Nast do with regards to travel information. Always comprehensive, always useful, always well written. This guide is well worth a read if you’re planning a trip to the Douro Valley.

Read Condé Nast Traveller’s guide to the best places to see in Douro valley

Source:’s guide to where to stay in Douro valley (Condé Nast Traveller)

Douro Valley, Portugal Wine Travel Guide 

Many thanks to for this post. Think of oPorto, think of the Douro Valley and Port and wine would feature high up you list. After all, the Demarcated zone is made up of many ancient vineyards.

Read the following post to find out where to go, what to see, and what to drink!

The Douro Valley in Northern Portugal’s claim as the most beautiful wine region in the world is supported by the grandeur of its landscape and wines.

Source: Douro Valley, Portugal Wine Travel Guide – Dining Tips & More

Archaeology in the Douro Valley 

The Douro Valley has had a fascinating, and at times turbulent past. Stretching right back to neolithic (and even earlier) times – there’s a wealth of archeology to explore. This article below has some useful insights ….

The Douro tells stories with thousands of years through the images engraved in rocks which exist since the beginning of mankind. On the banks of the Côa river, one of the Douro’s effluents, rises the largest and the most important sample of Palaeolithic art in the world displayed outdoors. You will be amazed by this unique gift left by our remote ancestors.

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Source: Douro Valley | Archaeology

Visit Three Vineyards with Wine Tastings and Lunch in the Douro 

Nice little tour. But then there are so many great tours in the Douro

What a wonderful small group tour. Explore multiple vineyards in the oldest wine region of the world. The Douro Valley really is spectacular. Dates get booked up fast, so avoid disappointment and Book Now!

Source: Visit Three Vineyards with Wine Tastings and Lunch in the Douro Valley – Douro Valley Tours

A Douro Valley boat trip 

Check out the following blog post from EZ Portugal. Contains some nice insights about boat trips in the Douro


Douro trips can last anything from an hour or two to a full day or even several days, and there is certainly plenty to see and experience. Visitors to Porto who are staying in the city for more than a few days

Source: Douro Valley Boat Trip – Things to do Porto Portugal

What is Port Wine? – Taylor’s

From a historical name in Port wine – Taylor’s. Their site is packed full of information not just about Port, but also the Douro and its history.

The site is a really good read. I enjoyed reading it with a glass of Port one evening anyway ….

What is Port wine? Port is a sweet fortified wine from the Douro region of Portugal. Read more about Port wine.

Source: What is Port Wine? – Taylor’s

Learn about Wine: Port Wine | Regions | Berry Bros. & Rudd

Read about, and buy some of the finest Port’s available at Berry Bros. & Rudd. Not cheap – but then the best things never are!

According to an old saying in the Port trade, every wine would be a Port, if it could. Certainly these sweet, fortified wines demand centre stage whenever they ….

Source: Learn about Wine: Port Wine | Regions | Berry Bros. & Rudd

Visit The Roman Site In Conimbriga, Portugal 

It might not be Douro, but hey! I love archeology – especially the ancient sites in Portugal. A great post about Conimbriga.

Source: Why Archaeology Lovers Should Visit The Roman Site In Conimbriga, Portugal | The Travel Tester